I am a an engineering leader in software industry with extensive experience in leading, designing and building large-scale, reliable software platforms, applications and big data pipelines. 

Over the years, I have been part of quite a few amazing initiatives across organizations that range from niche startups to large Product Development Organizations.  Each of these have involved solving many interesting problems, developing high value product suites, and mentoring highly talented engineering teams.

My core management philosophy is rooted around “execution excellence”. I strongly believe that it is very critical for every professional in a leadership role to develop a bias for action and build a discipline to get things done.  I continue to be a great believer and advocate of iterative, agile processes and methodologies that lead individuals and teams towards action, learning and improvisations.

I am very passionate about technology. While everything new in the tech space interests me, I am keenly plugged in to technologies that help provide actionable insights by analyzing large data sets,  to paradigms that help build extensible, scalable and reliable platforms and to tool sets which help improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of software systems. I am  also interested in tool sets and emerging innovations that help to enhance our digital presence and make a better connected world.

Currently I live in Bangalore, India. In my free time, I like travelling, photography, and spending time with good books. I also enjoy watching good movies. I have always been curious to know about what is happening around me  and reflect over the potential impact it can have in the current and in the future. I love to discuss about all things that are uniquely Indian. Given the diversity of the country, there is always something new to find out and discuss. There is never a dull moment here.

I have this site to write about my interests.  I use it for my musings, to record my thoughts and observations,  share my experiences and also as a journal to stay informed on everything that interests me.

Personal Note:  Usually  About pages, ends up making a person look lot more formal than what they really are.  Bottom line, I am just another nice guy who enjoys having good conversations.  If anyone shares my interests and want to connect with me, please feel free to send me a note or connect with me through any of my social handles listed. Would love to hear from you.

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